The platform I am running on is people development, community and  economic development.

I know you all heard about community and economic development before and a lot of politicians talk about it. When you hear politicians and our government talk about economic and community development, they always talk about jobs, transportation and infrastructure. However when it comes to the most important part of economic development, politicians and government don’t talk about these issues, which are people development.  How can we have economic development when the government does not try to develop the people?


The role of local government can be a powerful and effective way to restore pride and value to Lauderdale Lakes. Local government can assist in the growth and development of our residents by providing opportunities to access the resources and tools needed to achieve personal and economic prosperity. 

This campaign is to get elected as Commissioner for Seat 1 to resolve some issues and provide solutions to help you the people, our residents and city  thrive.

My intent is to move this city forward by working with you the residents, accessing your needs, listening to your concern and then try to find the right resources and connection to help you improve the situation. 

(1) Researching for resources that will bring much needed funds to develop projects to meet identified community developments  

(2) Public Safety (I will work hard to improve on public safety, overtime

(3) Advocate for our senior citizens, improve more accessible areas for person with disability and other community facilities to engage our youth and elderly

(4) Improve on youth mentorship programs and out- of school activities during the week and on weekends, including Sports.

Our city is lacking the opportunity and communication because we have failed to elect the right person for the job, now it’s up to you the voters to elect a commissioner with a vision, one who cares for the people, who understands policies, politics and will work for the people to move things forward.

On November 6th, 2018 vote for Paul Martin Commissioner Seat 1




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